Sometimes old insulation needs to be removed due to bug or rodent infestations, fire, water or smoke damage, or simply because it is so old that it has compressed over time and is no longer effective. If you think you need your insulation removed, we will give you an honest assessment of the situation and give you a fair price quote.

Depending on the condition of your existing insulation, and if it doesn’t contain asbestos, we can use your existing insulation as a base and install additional material over it. There’s no chemical interaction or problem with mixing various insulation materials together, and it’ll save you money. Call us and ask about our insulation removal Sacramento services: (916) 725-8245.

insulation removal sacramento services

Insulation Removal Sacramento

Most insulation removal is because of rodent infestations and droppings. We’ve proudly saved our customers thousands of dollars over the years! Instead of ripping out all the insulation, more often than not, we have found that rodents like to gather in a particular place, meaning only select areas need to be replaced. Instead taking out 100% of the insulation we would only need to take out a fraction of that and pass the savings along to you!

However if you do need start over, we carefully hand-remove the fiberglass rolls, pack them in bags and safely remove them from your attic. If the attic has blown material, we use our state-of-the art vacuum to suck up all the old insulation. The vacuum is usually outside the house and creates “negative pressure” in so that the air is being drawn up into the attic ensuring a clean job, and making sure no loose material or debris will get into your home.